A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Entry for Godot Jam 2018 with theme "Temperature"

You are a wizard with the ability to raise and lower temperature. Use this power to create wind currents and solve puzzles.

Cold wind will travel to hot areas, more difference = more wind. heat will dissipate itself over time.

Make the feather reach the goal.

LMB to create heat, RMB to create cold (or remove heat, its all about perspective)
Mouse Wheel (or pgUp, pgDown) to change your power area of effect.
Shift  + Mouse Wheel (or pgUp, pgDown) to change your power strength.
R to reset the level


wind - linux.zip 11 MB
wind - mac.zip 24 MB
Wind - Source.zip 2 MB
wind - windows.zip 10 MB


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Took me a while to understand the controls. But, a very nice concept. It might help if the lines showed direction